Why don't you provide a free trial or refund policy?

Our AI software's value is that it writes and builds content. If we gave a free trial, refunds or money back guarantees then we expose ourselves to abuse because a user could create thousands of posts, copying that content and then requesting a refund or canceling their account before the trial ends.

Why do my social connections sometimes disconnect?

Once you connect your social account to PreBuilt Marketing sometimes they can disconnect. This is sometimes due to the token/connection expiring or the social network API sometimes disconnect due to security reasons. If this happens you will need to reconnect your social network and reschedule your posts.

Why can't I post to my Facebook timeline?

As of July 2018 Facebook no longer allow third parties to post to user timelines via Facebook APIs. These changes were made as a response to the Russian interference in our US election and Facebook effort to provide better privacy to its users.